At Almas we understand that catering a guest is the most important part of a marriage to be looked after.

We have experienced that if the guests are properly taken care and are given proper individual attention for even small requirements then the marriage became a matter of discussion among all the invitees. Almas after a research have developed a team of professional facility managers and hospitality managers to look after the most important part of a marriage. Our managers are expert in handling too many guests at a time with variable services. We as family members get involved in all rituals of wedding and help the guests to enjoy the same by looking after each and every need of them. Almas is equipped with different teams for Bride-Groom friends, Relatives and Family members. They all always are ready with most of the common services which are supposed to be delivered to their assigned guests. Accommodation Services are also been taken care by Hospitality team with proper allotment of rooms according to guest families, Room Stickers, Luggage Stickers, Laptop and Mobile chargers and other logistics. We take care of our guests starting from Arrival to Departure which includes all day long activities and services. In hospitality we take cater our guests from invitatios, Welcome of Guests, Help desk for Accommodation Services & Travel Arrangements, Welcome Kits, Welcome Gifts, Food Packets, Security and Parking attendants etc.

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